Still Waiting!

Last night was a very restless night, but still no puppies. As a Vet once told me,”when the apple is ripe, it will fall.” So, I will try to be patient but it isn’t getting any easier.
Will keep you posted.

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Waiting and waiting

Pleeaassee let this be over SOON

This is a follow up on the pregnant Schnauzer we got two weeks ago…..  We are patiently, well, maybe not so patiently, waiting for the birthing.  I am now sleeping downstairs with her so that I can be near her if she decides to give birth during the night.  Hope you can see her expression in the picture to the left.  She is precious, and is like my shadow.  If I get up, she gets up.  If I sit down, she sits down.  Fred says it’s because she know that I will be the one to be mid-wife when the time comes.  We are getting more and more excited.  More to come.


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SLR, Inc. Buffy

Buffy Before

Today I picked up a beautiful, approximately 5 year old, very pregnant Miniature Schnauzer.  I will post some pictures of her soon, but for right now all I can say is what a sweetie. Will try to post daily on her progress.  We think she is about 45 / 48 days along.  So she should whelp during the week of February 5th.  We shall see……  more to come.

Buffy After and smiling

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Question from a reader

“Do you do research for your blog?  My friend Leslie – has had two cats pass recently and her vet is telling her it’s because of the the dry catfood she feeds them (brand regardless).  The vet said they need to be on a raw food diet.  I was wondering if this was the type of thing you look into and post on your blog?”

      Yes, I will research Leslie’s question about her unfortunate kitty’s.  I will need much more information in order to complete research.  BUT, it is my personal opinion that it was NOT the dry cat food (brand regardless) that she was feeding her kitty’s unless they had any underlying conditions that required a “prescription” diet.  Cats have a lot of urinary dysfunctions that require a special diet.  You have had many cats that have lived long and wonderful lives.  I don’t know what you are feeding now, but in the past I think it has been primarily a dry cat food (remember “Big”? I think he lived to be about 20)   It sounds to me like her vet is trying to “sell” a “natural raw” cat food that happens to be the soup dajour.  Please tell her not to beat herself up about this. I have had several cats that have lived until 16 and 18 years of age, living on a dry cat food diet. But in order to do a really good research I would need to know a detailed history, age of cats, recent blood work, and any other things that that you might deem pertinent.  Thanks for your question and I look forward to receiving more information.

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Sassy had a hissie fit….

I rode Sassy yesterday for the first time in a month.  It took me that long to get over having my cataracts removed. (These things happen when you get long in the tooth)  :-)  We took it kind of slow at first, walked the perimeter of three paddocks and then pick up a nice trot.  I was working on getting her to relax and jog/trot with her head down.  We did this for probably 30 or 40 minutes, picking up an occassional lope.  She has such a nice canter departure since Mike worked with her.  After about 40 minutes we headed back into the middle paddock and I had it in my mind to go to the left (clockwise) and Sassy had it in her mind to go to the right (counter-clockwise) back to the mounting block where I would get off.  Well, when I asked her to go left she very suddenly turned and went right, and wanted to take off.  Thankfully I had her bridled up so I was able to bend her to the right and eventually she stopped.  I was riding in a new bareback pad (made in Italy) and was able to stay on her during her spin because that saddle is like VELCRO!  After that little hissie fit, I knew that we would continue working until she settled down.  She was not a happy camper, but after about 20 more minutes she decided to put her head down and relax again.  That is when we stopped our ride for the day.  Only I didn’t go back up to the gate where I normally mount and dismount.  I took her out into the middle of the paddock and dismounted there.  Then we went out an entirely different gate.  What did I learn from this little training session?  I will not take Sassy to the same place twice to dismount, and we will go out of a different gate each day.  She is just a little to smart for her own good.

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Samson the Black Boxer Pup and The Thunder Shirt

This is the story of Samson, a beautiful black Boxer Pup that belongs to the Ben and Terry Stamey family.  We had all gathered at Sonny and Caralee Gould’s home for New Years day dinner.  There were about 20 people there, (kids, adults, 1 cat, and several dogs, including Samson).  It was obvious to everyone that Samson was very insecure, nervous, and anxious (read that as terrified of everyone and everything).  Alyssia and I were talking about him and she mentioned that she had heard of something that you could put on him that would help his emotional state. I knew immediately that she was talking about “The Thunder Shirt”, and happened to have one at home.  I went home and got the shirt just so I could show it to Ben and Terry so they would know what we were talking about.  It is a Medium size for my Miniature Schnauzers, so I didn’t think it would fit Samson, but I wanted Ben and Terry to see what we were talking about. I decided to put it on Samson so they could see how it should fasten. As it turned out it was not a bad fit for Samson (they are suppose to fit VERY snug), so we decided to leave it on him. Within in about 3 minutes, Ben looked at me and said “Could it have an affect on him THAT quickly”.  The answer is yes, and the transformation was astounding.  Samson went outside, ran, played, went up to people and let them touch him, and the look of terror absolutely left his eyes.  Needless to say, the Thunder Shirt left with them.  They are suppose to keep me posted on his progress and I will continue to post it here.  Our Veterinarian, Dr. Dave Sausville, told Caralee to tell me that it is definitely Veterinarian Approved because he has personally seen the transformations that the Thunder Shirt can bring about.  Below are two pictures of Samson from several months ago and I will try to get some recent ones to post with the progress reports.
Photos by: “Caralee”

Beautiful Black Boxer Pup


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The New Year

The New Year lies before us like a spotless tract of snow. Be careful how you tread on it, for every mark will show……
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Catching Up

Do hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Check out this update on the 2011 Road To The Horse.   Perfect Performance (aka: Tres) the horse started and purchased by 3 time Road To The Horse Winner, Chris Cox and “Hey Whiskey” (aka: Troubadour) the horse started and purchased by Pat Parelli.  Hope you can follow this link to read all about them. Page 30 is where the article starts.

We are all looking forward to going again in 2012.  Can’t wait to see Jonathan Field and all the rest of the great competitors.  Also really looking forward to visiting with Michael and Sherry Johnson.  Michael wrote the wonderful book “Healing Shine”, and is a much sought after inspirational speaker.’s-Horse-JanuaryFebruary-2012-Vol14-No5/index.html#/1

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Travel to Georgia for Christmas

After spending ALL day in the Doctor’s office yesterday (for a 10 minute check on my cataract surgery) Fred and I decided it was to late to try and leave last night.  Glad we waited and didn’t leave until this morning.  We arrived @ 3:00 P.M. just in time to join Susan for her Birthday “Tea” hosted by Avery and Copper (Susan’s Grand daughter and Daughter).  We saw many friends that we have not seen for many years.  It is always good to come “home” and see good friends.  Missing our pups, Kenzie, Toby, Charlie, Spencer, and Lacy.  Our horses Sassy and P.Z. . Our cats, Frizzy and Smudge.  We do have a good farm sitter, Waine and Tara Price.  They will be taking care of all our critters while we are away. Will try to post on our visit while here.  Wish I had some pictures to add to this post.  Maybe tomorrow.  Enjoy Christmas and stay safe.

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Cataracts, Christmas, and Horses, Dogs, & Cats

Decided that I better post this one early rather than waiting until the last minute.  My eye is getting better and I can see without my glasses (at least with the left eye). Now I can’t wait to get the other one done.  Fred is doing a great job of taking care of all our critters.  We have our 1st Christmas party to go to tonight. Mike and Lori Dobbs (our “reined cowhorse trainer”) are hosting the party tonight. We leave for Columbus on the 23rd and will return on the 26th.  It will be good to see all my relatives and friends in Columbus, but I am ALWAYS so very happy to come home.  Hopefully by then I will be able to ride again. Mike and Lori were over here this week and said that Sassy is gaining weight again. Boo, bah, grrrrrrr……  Need to start ponying her again.  Got a great update on Mink and will post it later.

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