Cataracts, Christmas, and Horses, Dogs, & Cats

Decided that I better post this one early rather than waiting until the last minute.  My eye is getting better and I can see without my glasses (at least with the left eye). Now I can’t wait to get the other one done.  Fred is doing a great job of taking care of all our critters.  We have our 1st Christmas party to go to tonight. Mike and Lori Dobbs (our “reined cowhorse trainer”) are hosting the party tonight. We leave for Columbus on the 23rd and will return on the 26th.  It will be good to see all my relatives and friends in Columbus, but I am ALWAYS so very happy to come home.  Hopefully by then I will be able to ride again. Mike and Lori were over here this week and said that Sassy is gaining weight again. Boo, bah, grrrrrrr……  Need to start ponying her again.  Got a great update on Mink and will post it later.

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