Travel to Georgia for Christmas

After spending ALL day in the Doctor’s office yesterday (for a 10 minute check on my cataract surgery) Fred and I decided it was to late to try and leave last night.  Glad we waited and didn’t leave until this morning.  We arrived @ 3:00 P.M. just in time to join Susan for her Birthday “Tea” hosted by Avery and Copper (Susan’s Grand daughter and Daughter).  We saw many friends that we have not seen for many years.  It is always good to come “home” and see good friends.  Missing our pups, Kenzie, Toby, Charlie, Spencer, and Lacy.  Our horses Sassy and P.Z. . Our cats, Frizzy and Smudge.  We do have a good farm sitter, Waine and Tara Price.  They will be taking care of all our critters while we are away. Will try to post on our visit while here.  Wish I had some pictures to add to this post.  Maybe tomorrow.  Enjoy Christmas and stay safe.

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