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“Do you do research for your blog?  My friend Leslie – has had two cats pass recently and her vet is telling her it’s because of the the dry catfood she feeds them (brand regardless).  The vet said they need to be on a raw food diet.  I was wondering if this was the type of thing you look into and post on your blog?”

      Yes, I will research Leslie’s question about her unfortunate kitty’s.  I will need much more information in order to complete research.  BUT, it is my personal opinion that it was NOT the dry cat food (brand regardless) that she was feeding her kitty’s unless they had any underlying conditions that required a “prescription” diet.  Cats have a lot of urinary dysfunctions that require a special diet.  You have had many cats that have lived long and wonderful lives.  I don’t know what you are feeding now, but in the past I think it has been primarily a dry cat food (remember “Big”? I think he lived to be about 20)   It sounds to me like her vet is trying to “sell” a “natural raw” cat food that happens to be the soup dajour.  Please tell her not to beat herself up about this. I have had several cats that have lived until 16 and 18 years of age, living on a dry cat food diet. But in order to do a really good research I would need to know a detailed history, age of cats, recent blood work, and any other things that that you might deem pertinent.  Thanks for your question and I look forward to receiving more information.

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