Samson the Black Boxer Pup and The Thunder Shirt

This is the story of Samson, a beautiful black Boxer Pup that belongs to the Ben and Terry Stamey family.  We had all gathered at Sonny and Caralee Gould’s home for New Years day dinner.  There were about 20 people there, (kids, adults, 1 cat, and several dogs, including Samson).  It was obvious to everyone that Samson was very insecure, nervous, and anxious (read that as terrified of everyone and everything).  Alyssia and I were talking about him and she mentioned that she had heard of something that you could put on him that would help his emotional state. I knew immediately that she was talking about “The Thunder Shirt”, and happened to have one at home.  I went home and got the shirt just so I could show it to Ben and Terry so they would know what we were talking about.  It is a Medium size for my Miniature Schnauzers, so I didn’t think it would fit Samson, but I wanted Ben and Terry to see what we were talking about. I decided to put it on Samson so they could see how it should fasten. As it turned out it was not a bad fit for Samson (they are suppose to fit VERY snug), so we decided to leave it on him. Within in about 3 minutes, Ben looked at me and said “Could it have an affect on him THAT quickly”.  The answer is yes, and the transformation was astounding.  Samson went outside, ran, played, went up to people and let them touch him, and the look of terror absolutely left his eyes.  Needless to say, the Thunder Shirt left with them.  They are suppose to keep me posted on his progress and I will continue to post it here.  Our Veterinarian, Dr. Dave Sausville, told Caralee to tell me that it is definitely Veterinarian Approved because he has personally seen the transformations that the Thunder Shirt can bring about.  Below are two pictures of Samson from several months ago and I will try to get some recent ones to post with the progress reports.
Photos by: “Caralee”

Beautiful Black Boxer Pup


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