Sassy had a hissie fit….

I rode Sassy yesterday for the first time in a month.  It took me that long to get over having my cataracts removed. (These things happen when you get long in the tooth)  :-)  We took it kind of slow at first, walked the perimeter of three paddocks and then pick up a nice trot.  I was working on getting her to relax and jog/trot with her head down.  We did this for probably 30 or 40 minutes, picking up an occassional lope.  She has such a nice canter departure since Mike worked with her.  After about 40 minutes we headed back into the middle paddock and I had it in my mind to go to the left (clockwise) and Sassy had it in her mind to go to the right (counter-clockwise) back to the mounting block where I would get off.  Well, when I asked her to go left she very suddenly turned and went right, and wanted to take off.  Thankfully I had her bridled up so I was able to bend her to the right and eventually she stopped.  I was riding in a new bareback pad (made in Italy) and was able to stay on her during her spin because that saddle is like VELCRO!  After that little hissie fit, I knew that we would continue working until she settled down.  She was not a happy camper, but after about 20 more minutes she decided to put her head down and relax again.  That is when we stopped our ride for the day.  Only I didn’t go back up to the gate where I normally mount and dismount.  I took her out into the middle of the paddock and dismounted there.  Then we went out an entirely different gate.  What did I learn from this little training session?  I will not take Sassy to the same place twice to dismount, and we will go out of a different gate each day.  She is just a little to smart for her own good.

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