Yesterday was EYE day

Fred and I were up yesterday by 5:00 A.M.  and at the hospital by 7:00 after getting all the horses, dogs, and cats fed and taken care of.  Then it was my time. We were home by noon, and I napped all day.  I got through the day with just 2 tylenol, and then went to bed before 11:00.  I was pooped.  Up early again this morning, to meet one of the greatest horse trainers I/we have ever known for breakfast.  Howard and Jeannie Edwards are down from Tennessee for a few days.  Howard was one of our first horse trainers and definitely the best horse trainer I/we have had the pleasure of knowing.  He could read a horse better than any trainer I know. Today after meeting Howard and Jeannie for breakfast, Fred and I headed North to Gainesville.  I got the patch off my eye, and the eye checks out 20  /  20.  I cannot believe how great I can see now without my glasses.  Still need cheaters, for reading, but I think I will be able to handle that. Once again, it is close to midnight and I need to get this posted so I can go to bed.  Will try to get a picture of my “black” eye tomorrow.

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Decorations, decorations

400 more lights and the tree is finally beginning to look like Christmas.  Fred had to help me with this last application of lights. They only came in lengths of 200 lights and believe me that was a lot of lights to try and handle by my self.  Fred is sooooo handy. I am thankful to have him around. :-)  Started decorating the tree tonight.  With a little luck I will have it decorated by Christmas.  Only 11 day away!   I spoke with Jason today. He said they had their first snowfall today, in Utah, and he wasn’t very happy.  I  didn’t get to ride again today, and I’m having cataract surgery tomorrow so that means I probably won’t ride again for a week.  I got the feed set for 10 days for Fred, so I don’t have to worry about that. Fred is soooooo handy to have around. I can ALWAYS count on Fred. Sassy and P.Z. will be well cared for while I can’t bend over and let the blood rush to my head. He is also in charge of our Miniature Schnauzers, Charlie, Kenzie, Toby, Spencer,  puppy sitting Lacy, and our two cats, Frizzy and Smudge. Fred will have his hands full for the next week or so. The following is a link our daughter, Saige, sent us.  It is outstanding!  Enjoy.

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The Christmas Tree Saga Continued

700 Christmas Tree Lights






What happened to all the text that I wrote to accompany the pictures?  Will have to write more tomorrow since it is the witching hour and I need to get this posted before midnight.  You’ll just have to wonder what words of wisdom I wrote. 

New Lights



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Christmas Tree Sunday

O.K., it was a beautiful, upper sixties, windy day, and spent almost the entire day inside removing lights from a pre-lit (700 light) tree.  Now, you have to understand that my tree has been up all year waiting for me to figure out what is wrong with the lights.  We decided to just put new lights over the old ones even tho some of the old ones still worked.  Well, the other old lights started going out leaving more blank spots………  Soooo, I decided to remove all the old lights.  Why, you say?????  Because “someone” said you can’t do that!  Yes I did……  I only have a few more to go and I will have them all off.  Meanwhile, I did that an hour off about 4 o’clock and went out to ride Sassy.  I put a new (different) bit on her bridle today and she was much better today.  Still now as settled as she needs to be but it did make a big difference.  Will ride her more/longer tomorrow.  Maybe take her out for a trail ride. She seems to be a bit bored.

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Rainy Day……

Went to the Seminole Customer Appreciation Day this morning……  20% off almost everything.  Yes, I tried to stock up on all non perishable items. It’s always fun to go to these things cause you see so many friends. It has been a very gentle rain all day.   Caralee didn’t get to go because Lilly came in with a bad eye.  Swollen, tearing, all the bad symptoms so she had to start medications right away. Dr. Sausville will come out tomorrow to stain her eye to see if there is a scratch or an ulcer. Fingers crossed that Caralee’s fast action on medicating Lilly’s eye will be the trick.

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Cataract Surgery

Up date on my cataract surgery…..  Fred and I were up at 4:30 yesterday morning.  Got the dogs and horses fed, and were sitting in the hospital parking lot by 6:00 A.M. when I got a phone call from Dr. Sherwood’s nurse saying that Dr. Sherwood was not feeling well and had to cancel the surgery.  I quickly told them that was o.k., cause if he was sick I surely didn’t want him operating on my eye!!!.   Sooooooo, they called and rescheduled for next Wednesday. I am first on the surgery schedule so we will be getting up very early once again. Will keep you posted on the progress.

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Well, I’m not going to make this one…….  I let the day get away from me .  Will write more later.  Sorry ’bout that.  I have a fun Cat story to tell you about, but first of all, I apologize for letting the witching hour catch up with me.  Will do better tomorrow, or make that today.  I will just have to do two post today.  About my cat.  She is just to smart. She has a bit of an ear problem and I have been trying to put drops in her ear about every other day.  Tonight I walked in to the living room with the teeny, tiny bottle of drops in my hand and she jumped off the sofa and RAN out of the room.  When she came back in, I tried to get her to come down in my lap but she hit my hand with her little cotton ball of a foot, hissed at me and took off again.  Guess I will try that tomorrow also.  Lots to do tomorrow.

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A New Beginning Even Before The New Year

My promise to myself…….  I promise to post on this blog EVERY day just as if it were a journal.  I even promise to mention Dogs, Cats, Horses, and other various 4-legged creatures at least once in every blog.  Such as, yesterday, thinking that I would not get to ride for at least two weeks, I went out about 4 o’clock and rode Sassy for about an hour and a half. For the 1st 39 minutes or so she rooted around with her head, lugging on the bit, and just not very happy. After a while, she settled down and we had a nice ride. I really have to be careful with my legs and aids as she is on the ready to depart into a lope/canter/gallop. Most of the time she has a very nice departure but she kept anticipating it and I kept saying no. It is not necessary to canter/lope her every day. This morning, Fred and I were up at 4;30 so I could go for my cataract surgery. We were in the parking lot by 6 a.m. when I got the call from Dr. Sherwoods nurse that he was sick and had to cancel all his surgery’s. Trust me when I say if he is sick I don’t want him operating on my eyes. So Fred and I went to the cracker barrel for breakfast and then headed home. We get to do this all over again next Wednesday when they rescheduled the surgery.


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Black Friday

Well, this year I finally did it!  I actually went out shopping with my friends, Caralee, Claudia and their brother Cliff.  This was my first experience with Black Friday and I just couldn’t believe the great MASS of people out spending money.  Of course, I spent my share also so I can’t complain.  I already have plans to return 3 of the items that I purchased so I’m not sure that counts.  We left around 9:30 A.M. and didn’t get back before dark!…….  We spent most of the time in the Verizon store where Claudia bought a new phone. Kohls was a hit, of course, and lunch at Gator’s. Cliff bought a nice Flat Screen TV at HHGregg’s.  In order to make this a blog about On Line Animal Info I think I need to mention that this shopping spree interfered with my riding Sassy on Friday.  But I managed to make up for it yesterday and rode her bridleless and bareback with just a savvy string for about 10 minutes before it got so dark I couldn’t see.

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Our First Visit to Rush at Mike and Lori’s

Fred and I made time this morning to go over and watch Mike ride Rush.  Once Mike and Lori got over gushing over my new truck, F250 with a 6′ 6 3/4″ bed and all the bells and whistles, Mike saddled Rush.  He turned him in the round pen for a short while moved him around a little bit and then mounted him. He rode him in the round pen with Lori riding Bug on the outside of the round pen.  Then they went out in to the arena.  They walked the perimeter of the arena and Rush had a “Shine” moment at the far end of the arena.  Then they actually did a little trotting.  Rush has springs in his legs and was looking like he was anticipating Mike asking him to go into a gallop (which Mike didn’t want to do today). All in all he did really well.  AND THEN, Mike let me ride him in the round pen.  We did a little walking and I think I got him to break into a trot once.  All in all, it was a great morning. Of Course, any time I get to ride it is a GREAT Day.

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